The global wellness economy is a $3.4 trillion mega industry! (2014 Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor, Global Wellness Institute). These are the latest figures available, and no doubt it has grown even further. There is more awareness of health and wellbeing now than ever before. More and more people are looking for alternative treatments and complimentary therapies than ever before. Just take a look at TV advertising one evening and note down how many adverts there are for products that make you look younger, food and drink to make you feel healthier, supplements to take to help you feel and stay younger and ways to become and stay fit.

Globally we are waking up to complimentary therapies and treatments to help us stay younger, feel younger and be healthy. Programs like the BBC’s ‘The doctor who gave up drugs’ (BBC 2016) shows us there are alternative treatments to pharmaceutical medicines and that we should be looking at complimentary ways to prevent and treat certain illnesses, aches and pains.

The Global Wellness Institute 2014 Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor quotes, ‘….the wellness economy has been growing rapidly in recent years because of converging global currents that defy temporary disruptions: population aging, widespread economic prosperity in emerging economies, the rise of lifestyle diseases associated with sedentary and stressful modern living, and the failure of the conventional healthcare paradigm to help people prevent illness.’

Yet our lifestyles today have never been busier, more transient or more demanding, all of which is taking its toll on our general health and wellbeing and all of which is giving us less time to seek out massage and other complimentary therapies.

It cannot be denied that demand for mobile massage therapists is increasing rapidly; in the US ‘call-out massage’ (as they call it) is already multi-million dollar industry, in the UK, it is still in its infancy. Yet Urban Massage – an ‘Uber’ style massage company – is already big business in a few major cities in the UK. It was only launched in 2014 and it is already worth £8 million ( – 3 June 2015)

There has never been a more perfect time to become a mobile massage therapist, demand is high yet there are not enough mobile therapists to go around.

But you don’t need to work for a big company, working extremely hard for a small a cut of what the client is paying for a massage, being told where to go and when, not being able to choose which clients you are comfortable visiting and being more in control of your personal safety. You can be your own boss, make a substantial business for yourself, choose your own working hours, remain safe and develop great working relationships with your clients and continue to enjoy what you like doing best – delivering excellent massage therapy.

Being your own boss and delivering massage therapy on a mobile business can be a daunting prospect. I expect many of you reading this are thinking that you can’t do it. You will be questioning how will you get clients? How and where do you market yourself? How do you stay safe in choosing clients? How do you do your accounts and keep records? These are valid fears and barriers we put up to stop ourselves achieving and without help and guidance, they may not be overcome. I started my mobile massage business only a year and a half ago at the age of 49 having decided to leave a stressful office job and am now making more than I earned then. You can read my story in my blog ‘How I became a mobile massage therapist and why I started’. I have gained the knowledge and experience to help you do the same.

This is where comes in. With In Your Home Massage you can get the answers to all those questions. You can get full support helping you develop your business for you and can answer any queries you have about how to stay safe. You can benefit from the increasing demand for mobile massage therapists by becoming a successful business owner, a successful massage therapist, working hours to suit you around your commitments and being financially independent. Most importantly you will be working for yourself and choosing your own clients, not being sent to clients you do not know that you have not spoken to and not quantified as wanting a professional massage therapy – the most scariest aspect of being a mobile massage therapist working for a large by a company or agency employing you. To get you started I have written a free point by point guide from my own experience which might be a help – you can download a copy here How to be a mobile massage therapist – free guide is a mobile massage directory offering free listings for all therapists and a premium listing for those who want a little more help and support. With the premium listing you will not need to invest a large amount of money on a website and spend time and more money making sure it is visible to search engines – will do all of that for you. The premium listing will give you a feature listing that will negate the need for you to have a website, all for the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month. is designed to be found by clients searching for mobile massage therapists in their area – if you are listed with, you will be found easily and you will get customers.

I am really excited about the growth in this industry and the prospects that this brings to all massage therapists out there, all those who want to become massage therapists and all the people that will benefit by being able to have great massage in the stress free comfort of their own home.

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  1. Laura Myers

    Hi , I’m a mobile massage therapist of
    14 years experience.
    I offer :
    Deep tissue
    Hot lava shell
    Indian Head massage
    I have a strong work ethic and Eli eve I can be an asset to In Home Massage .

    My mobile is 07903760340.

  2. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

    Thank you Laura, that’s great! Where are you based? What areas do you cover?

  3. rehoboth massage therapist

    Nicely put, Kudos!|

  4. Helen Resuggan

    Hi Claire,
    I’m in the process of gaining massage training so I can be a freelance massage therapist. It’s been my plan for over a year and a half!!! Finally pulling my finger out and cracking on with finishing my study and getting the business set up/prep done so I can launch my business, hopefully by the end of the year. It’s very daunting as you say, but your articles are really helpful! Thank you so much. I plan to join your directory as soon as I’m qualified and insured 🙂

  5. Be Your Own Boss Meaning

    Well I sincerely liked reading it. This information provided by you is very helpful Thank you.

  6. spatherapist

    Really great concept Claire I am grateful to be a part of in your home massage. I wish you all the best with your business

    1. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

      Thank you for your kind comment.