Everyone’s ideas of a massage are different and everyone’s needs are different. Choosing a massage therapist and a treatment can be really tricky and a little bit daunting. After all it is not cheap right? And you don’t want to waste your time and money choosing a therapist or therapy that is not right for you.

But it doesn’t have to be all that difficult and with this article I want to share with you some tips that you can follow to help you get the best treatment.

Communication is the key. Really think about what it is you want: you might already know what treatment you want, like a Thai massage or an Aromatherapy massage, but then again you may not. Whether you know what treatment you want or not, really think about how you want to feel and what you think you need. Do you want just a relaxing massage? Do you want a relaxing massage with some deep tissue work? How would you like the treatment to make you feel? Do you want relief from stress and do you want to be relaxed? Are you training hard for a sports event and want some invigorating work to relieve over worked muscles? After you have thought about all these things communicate all of this to the therapist so they can endeavour to give you the best treatment for you.

Also, think about what you don’t want! You may not want oil in your hair, you may not like your feet touched – be sure to tell your therapist so they don’t include those aspects in their routine. They won’t be offended, remember, it is your treatment and all therapists will want you to get the treatment that you want and will want to deliver it how you like it.

Everyone is different and we all connect to each other on different levels. I am sure you have all met someone for the first time and instantly know that you are going to like that person and you feel a connection? On the other hand, you can meet someone and instantly don’t feel comfortable and have uneasiness with them. Or, sometimes, for no explicable reason you find that despite everything seemingly being OK, there just isn’t the right ‘energy’ between you. So talk to the therapist you are looking to book, trust your feelings inside and take note of them and make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Every mobile massage therapist conducts their business differently. Some bring all their own towels and oils and some may only bring a couch. Some like to create a relaxing environment with essential oil burners and music, others won’t. Check what services your therapists provides prior to booking so you are not caught out running around to find clean towels, or left feeling resentful because you were hoping for a spa experience in your own home, but instead are getting a basic sports massage with no frills.

Lastly, for a smooth trouble free experience, once you have booked your therapist make sure they can find you easily and that they know where to park. If you have any special instructions on how to find your house then let the therapist know. One of my clients was on an air base, yet his address was no different to any other residential address. Unfortunately he never mentioned to me that his house was actually on the air base and that I had to go through the signs saying, ‘Air base. No unauthorised vehicles’. I ended up driving round and round the perimeter with no phone signal to phone him, wondering how I was supposed to get to his house. That is an extreme example, but simple instructions on how to find you will mean the therapist will be able to arrive on time, unflustered and you will not be left hanging around wondering where they are.

So to sum up, for that trouble free best massage experience ever, communicate with your therapist, explain exactly what you want, check what service they provide and make sure they know how to find you.

I hope this small article goes a long way to offering reassurance about booking a mobile therapist and getting the best treatment for you.

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