I came into the massage industry really late, by that I mean when I was 49! I took a massive change in direction with my career path by re-training to become a massage therapist and I have, literally, never looked back.

A couple of years ago I was in a highly stressful, poorly paid job working as a press officer for the Police. I was working long hours with a long commute in a highly pressured environment with an ever increasing workload due to continued cutbacks in staff. I was more and more controlled as to when I could eat, drink, go home and have days off. The situation had got dire; I had to do something for the sake of my children, my relationship and myself. I had to change something and fast. Not an easy decision as I had been in and around the police for nearly 20 years, beginning as a police officer, then after a few years to break to have children, coming back as police staff.

One day after a more than usual stressful day, fighting with the traffic on the way home, I had a light bulb moment. A chance throw away comment from a friend had burrowed its way into my brain and was now nagging me to take notice. I had always been tactile – with my kids, my partner and friends – always rubbing their shoulders, or backs and giving head massages and I was doing such a thing when one of them said, ‘You should do this properly, you are really good at it.’

Of course at first I didn’t take much notice. Me, a massage therapist? I had a secure job, a regular income, I would be mad to give it up, but then, on the other hand I hardly ever spent time with my teenage children, I hardly saw my partner and when I saw anyone I was exhausted. I did not have any quality of life, the ‘job’ was my life and I was miserable.

So, on this horrible journey home I began to think, ‘why not?’ Why couldn’t I change my life? I certainly couldn’t continue the way I was. What was there to lose? If the worst comes to the worst I would go to work in Sainsbury’s, it would still be better than what I was going through in the police. So, I took a few weeks, looked into it, booked a massage course and resigned!

A year and a half later, I have a successful mobile massage business, I am my own boss and I work the hours I choose. Most importantly I love my job, I meet amazing people every day and I have a superb quality of life with my family.

I fell into the mobile part of the business as it was the easiest way that I could start my business. I did try working at a spa for a bit, and renting a room for a bit, but none of them gave me the work life balance I was looking for, or paid enough. So I decided that mobile was the only way to go – the least investment in money therefore the least risk, and the least stress and more financially viable having no overheads to pay. I had a little marketing experience in the past so I knew it was really important to get a presence on the web. I set about having a professional but reasonably priced website built and with the help of my web designer I learned how I could optimise it’s presence with the search engines. After a really short while it became apparent that there was a large demand for my services as a mobile therapist. It also began to become clear that although there were mobile therapists about, clients could not find them.

I am constantly turning down business because clients contact me but live too far away or I am already booked up. I am being told by clients that they have heard there is someone in their area but they can’t find them. I have heard from therapists that they struggle to get clients.
So I decided to help therapists and clients to find each other by creating Inyourhomemassage.co.uk – a mobile massage therapist directory. A directory designed to help massage therapists to find clients and clients to find mobile massage therapists.

I continue to work as a mobile therapist as I absolutely love my job. I have met, and continue to meet amazing people and I work hours that suit my life and my commitments. It also gives me great pleasure to launch Inyourhomemassage.co.uk to help other massage therapists reap the benefits of being a mobile therapist and of being your own boss, while also helping clients wanting and needing massage in the comfort of their own home, to be able to find local therapists.

The mobile massage industry is growing and I am really excited to be a part of this truly wonderful industry.

I have written a short guide that might be a help to get you started – you can download a copy here How to be a mobile massage therapist – free guide

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  1. Damien Jones

    Hi Claire, some excellent info and links…a good read.

    I am also looking at a late career change and massage is something that appeals to me, I’ve been massaging close partners and relatives for a while and it’s extremely rewarding. I get enormous satisfaction from relieving tension and stress in loved ones.

    I live in Southbourne and have been looking for a course, do you have any local recommendations? Also would a man be as successful in this line of work?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

    Hi Damien, I am so pleased that you found my article helpful. I can recommend Anna Low who also lives in Southbourne, I did my initial training with her. Her website is The School of Fine Tuning. However, another awesome trainer, with whom I have done a lot of further training with is Julie Streeter at Therapy Courses in Alderbury near Salisbury. I believe men can be very successful in this line of work. I get a lot of genuine massage requests from men, however, as a woman I don’t see men who live on their own, so there is a market there. Good luck with your new venture and don’t forget to download my free guide – How to be a mobile massage therapist’ which can be found on my article ‘You can be a successful mobile massage therapist and be your own boss‘. All the best, Claire

  3. Michelle Sullivan

    Hi Claire

    Michelle here I am just about to read your articles, I have been LMT for 7 yrs now, and was mobile for a while , I quit after having a bad experience with a male client which made me feel very nervous going out after that.
    But I love my job and I refuse to be beat , so here I am ready to start back up again as I really do miss being mobile . Any help or advice will be much appreciated x

  4. Grace

    Hi Claire,
    I have just discovered your website and think you are an inspiration! Im currently working full time but have considered taking the plunge for years!
    Do you think this is something that could be done part time on evenings and weekends until business builds?
    Do you have any more information about insurance? I have considered using my spare room as a salon but imagine having premises changes things?
    Any other advice you could give would be really appreciated.

    1. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

      Hi Grace,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes I do think it is something that you can start part time especially if you are prepared to work evenings as I could sell these appointment times 6 times over. I now no longer work late in the evening or weekends as I have too many clients in the day an during the week. so there is always a demand for a therapist to come out in the evening and weekends. For insurance make sure you do a practical accredited course, if you are not sure if the course you want to do is covered by insurance ring an insurance company up. I use Balens and find them very helpful, but there are a others of course. Also join my Facebook group Mobile Massage Therapists UK to get advice. When you join, put on the questions that you have contact me through this site then I will know who you are. Good luck!

  5. Ane

    Hi Claire

    Do you need license to become a mobile massage therapist? Do you have to report and pay tax?

    1. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

      Hi Ane, You will need to check with your council as to whether you need a license or not, each council is different. Most do not require you to have a license, but there are the odd few. All the best, Claire

    2. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

      Hi Ane, with regards to tax you will need to register with the HMRC as self employed and submit a self assessment tax return each year. The HMRC will then tell you if you owe any tax.

  6. Annette Ohlson

    Hi Claire

    I’ve just come across your website – what a lovely positive inspirational woman you are! I’ve been an aromatherapist in the past, have then had to have several ‘proper’ jobs, in addition to which I’m now studying a level 3 sports massage course, pain management and also Art as part of therapy. I’ve been working as a mobile therapist when I did my aromatherapy and would like to start working like this again… I need the impetus of someone like you – thank you – to get my Diploma and get mysef out on the road again. I live near Guildford, Surrey, what do you reckon in terms of getting clients in this area?

    1. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

      Hi Annette, thank you for your comment. Guildford is a great area for clients, as are most areas to be honest. All areas except some big cities like London and Manchester, are poorly serviced with mobile therapists at the moment. Demand is increasing everywhere and there are not enough therapists to go round. While you are new to the business keep your costs to a minimum as your client base will grow slowly to begin with. In your Home Massage offers a great solution to not having your own website to start off with. It gives you an online presence to those clients who do not use social media, and there are a lot. It takes the expense of a website and the ongoing expense of getting that site found on Google away from you allowing you to build your business. Let In Your Home Massage do all the Search Engine Optimisation for you! Use social media to the max as well, get accounts everywhere. To maximise your exposure to clients try out our premium listing and include all your social media links on there! Good luck with your new venture, we look forward to helping you grow your business.

  7. Dee

    Do you need a licence through your city council to do massages.

    1. Claire_Admin Listing Owner

      Hi Dee, Some councils do require a licence so you will need to check directly with your local authority. Claire