Claire MasserMy name is Claire Masser and I am single mother of two, now grown up, children.

Up until recently my career path has mostly been police orientated with a short diversion into owning shops. I have always been interested in health and fitness, alternative and complimentary healing. My hobbies used to be related to sport, mountain bike racing, tennis, swimming and the like, but now my main interest is dance.

I like modern jive and argentine tango and my partner and I run a small dance venue twice a month. I have also just gone back to my childhood passion, ballet.

I became a police officer in my early twenties and served seven years in this field. After that time I got married, I had a couple of children and I opened a mountain bike shop and later on, a clothing store too.

Shortly after my divorce the shops were sold and I went back to work in the police force, now as a civilian. I worked with victims and witnesses going to court, a detention officer in the custody department and, lastly, a press officer. My last post, together with my shop experience gave me an insight to marketing, social media marketing and the need for a good presence on the web.

Being a press officer in the police at the time of austerity and cut backs became very stressful. I had a long commute, long tiring days, and many days being 24hours on-call. After a couple of years I decided that I had to change my career to enable me to gain a better work-life balance and for the benefit of my family and my relationship, so I resigned and re-trained as a massage therapist. You can read more about that in my blog: How I became a mobile massage therapist and why I started Inyourhomemassage.

I fell into being a mobile therapist because I found it to be the easiest and quickest way to start earning an income. I have been a mobile massage therapist for only a year and a half, but in that short time my business has taken off, and now demand is outstripping the service I can supply.

I quickly learned that marketing was the key, and although there seemed to be other mobile therapists about, they were not easily found by clients.

Do I decided to launch a mobile massage directory –, A directory to help mobile massage therapists market themselves and be found, a directory that helps people starting out as a mobile massage therapist by offering advice and support and a directory that helps the clients easily find mobile massage therapists in their area.